Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties


Species: Annuum | Origin: Mexico | Heat: Mild

Pasilla means 'little raisin' in Spanish, referring to the dark brown, wrinkled, dried pod. Called 'chilaca' when fresh, it adds character to rich complex flavour of enchilada, mole sauce and salsas. Plants grow 2 to 3 ft. tall, with first branches well up the stem so pods donít touch the ground. The thin cylindrical 8-10in pods turn brown at maturity (75-80 days) and are very mild, 250 SHU or less. The pasilla is mainly used by Mexican cooks in the dried pod or in powdered form. Varieties include 'Apaseo', 'Bajio', 'De Oaxaca' 'and 'Padilla'., A pepper no inspiring Mexican serious cook should be without!

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Species: Annuum | Origin: Mexico | Heat: Mild

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Species: Annuum | Origin: Mexico | Heat: Mild

When fresh, this pepper is called 'Chilaca' it is also known as 'Chile Negro' or Mexican Negro. These 8 to 10 inch long cylindrical peppers are thin walled and start off dark green before ripening to dark brown (75-80 days). They have less than 250 Scoville units and are mainly used dried for their rich, smoky flavoring in sauces. Plants are tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) resistant.

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