Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties


Species: Baccatum | Origin: Peru | Heat: Mild

This is a hydridised variety whose name means "looking at the sun". It is a cross between an Aji Colorado and a Mirasol which has resulted in plant which produces shorter, thin skinned, brown peppers which have apricot overtones.

Tommi Hietavuo


Species: Annuum | Origin: Mexico | Heat: Medium

Mirasol means 'looking at the sun' in Spanish and describes the erect nature of the pods which grow on a compact plant. The pods are 3 to 5in in length and can be used both fresh and dry. Conical in shape and medium hot measuring about 5,000 scoville heat units, these peppers have a unique flavor with a hint of fruitiness.

Cross Country Nurseries

Semillas La Palma


Species: Annuum | Origin: New Mexico | Heat: Medium

The word mirasol in Spanish means looking at the sun. The chile type is called mirasol because the 3-4in long clusters of erect fruit point to the sun. 'NuMex Mirasol' was developed over six years by Drs. Bosland and Gonzalez using a pedigree breeding method that included hybridization and repeated single plant selections and was finally released in 1993. It is used both as an ornamental on wreaths and a ground powder in cooking

Marco Budinis

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