Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties


Species: Chinense | Origin: Brazil | Heat: Very Hot

Originally from Recife in the Pernambuco area of Brazil, but now found throughout north and northeast Brazil. This very attractive white flowering 2ft tall bushy plant produces good yields of very small 'Tepin like' round chiles witha slight dimple on one side. They are approximately inch round and mature from light green, to yellow, to orange and then to red around 90 days after transplanting. Despite there searing heat, these chiles have a wonderful smokey fruity flavour. Fantastic for bringing a bland curry to life! . Both yellow and red versions of this varieties are available.


Mark McMullan


Species: Chinense | Origin: Brazil | Heat: Hot

Description currently unavailable

Werner Mathi

Werner Mathi

GRAO DE BODE (PI 497982)

Species: Chinense | Origin: Brazil | Heat: Unknown

Description currently unavailable.

Jakob Axelsson

Jakob Axelsson