Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties


Species: Annuum | Origin: New Mexico | Heat: Mild

The Numex Big Jim is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the producer of the largest Chile pods ever grown, with specimans in excess of a foot long (12 inches) not unknown. The variety was developed in the mid 1970's by Dr Nakayama as a result of a bredding program at the New Mexico State University (NMSU), home of the Chile Pepper Institute. Plants grow easily and vigourously and are surprisingly small in comparison to the gigantic pods growing between 24" to 36" high. Up to 30 pods may grow on a single plant which ripen from green to a deep red approximately 80 days after transplanting seedlings. Due to the pod size and mild heat quotient (500 to 2,500 SHU), Big Jim is perfect for making decorative “ristras” as well as the classic (and very tasty) chile relleno dish. To make Chile Relleno's, toast, peel and de-seed ripe chiles. Stuff them with your favorite plain or herbed cheese (cheddar cheeses work well). In a small bowl, beat two eggs with a dash of salt and a tablespoon of flour to make a light batter. Dip each stuffed pepper into the batter before frying in hot olive orvegtable oil in a heavy skillet. Drain on paper towels, sprinkle with a bit of additional cheese, top broil and serve with a fresh salsa. You can also add diced, cooked chicken or beef to the cheese stuffing if you wish or any other combinations you wish to try. Delicious!!.

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Species: Annuum | Origin: New Mexico | Heat: Mild

Bred by the Chile Pepper Institute to be an improvement on the original Big Jim variety. This one has 20 per cent more flavour compounds and a 10 per cent better yield.