Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties

TABASCO (PI 586675)

Species: Frutescens | Origin: Costa Rica | Heat: Hot

Tabasco peppers are the only types of Capsicum frutescens that are well known in North America. These fiery little jewels are the primary ingrediant in tabasco sauce, the famous hot sauce that has been produced in southern Louisiana since 1848 when the peppers were first imported from the State of Tabasco in Mexico. Growers today cannot keep up with demand and tabasco peppers are imported from Columbia and Central America to be mashed in Louisiana. The tabasco plant can grow upto 4-6 feet tall and is just loaded with slender 1.5in upright pods which mature from light green to orange and then to red approximately 75 days after transplanting. Originally from somewhat swampy regions it prefers hot and humid conditions for maximum productivity. 50,000-80,000 SHU.

Mark McMullan

Brian Krause