Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties


Species: Pubescens | Origin: Peru | Heat: Extremely Hot

Probably the most famous of the Pubescens species, its history lies in the Andes region of Peru where it is also known as 'Manzano', meaning apple due the shape of the fruit. It is also called Locoto in Bolivia, Chilli Peron, Chilli Caballo and Chilli Ciruelo. The most distinguishing feature of these peppers are their black seeds. The peppers themselves are very pungent, approx 2in long and 1 1/2in wide and resemble miniture bell peppers and this variety matures in colour from green to red. Rocotos can be a slow to germinate, so be sure to keep the soil temperature above 75F, although once mature these plants are very resistant to low temperatures. Rocotos are at their best when eaten fresh and should be left on the plant until needed.

Mark McMullan

Mark McMullan