Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties


Species: Annuum | Origin: Mexico | Heat: Very Hot

Pequin is a wild 'bird pepper. There are two 'types' of pequins, one called chiltepin which is tiny and round and the more oval shaped ones called chilipiquin. Chile Pequin is the Nahautl language word corrupted to the present day word. In ranch country, both grow wild and all are called chile pequins. Pequins do not take well to cultivation and must be hand picked so are not widely available in supermarkets. Plants fruit best in second year and should be brought indoors to overwinter. In Mexico both fresh green and dry red chile pequins are available. The green eaten fresh as a condiment or in salsas; the red ripe dry ones used in cooking and ground into chile blends. Very hot! I use both to make chile pequin jelly. Other names: bird, chile bravo (wild), chile del monte (woodlands).

Jukka Kilpinen

Jukka Kilpinen