Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties

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Species: Annuum | Origin: Italy | Heat: Hot

This is a pepper developed by Dr. Mario Dadomo, Italy.


Species: Annuum | Origin: Italy | Heat: Medium

The Italian translatation 'I embrace' sums up the beauty of this this stunning ornamental variety. This 1ft tall plant produces hundreds of ¾" long by ½" wide upright growing edible peppers. The peppers are shaped like small bullets and mature through various shades of purple to yellows, oranges and finally to bright red when ripe. The full rainbow of colours are present at the same time.



Species: Annuum | Origin: Russia | Heat: Hot

A Russian Cultivar. This plant which can grow upto 3 1/2 ft tall, produces good yields of 4 ¼" long by ¾" wide hot peppers which turn from light green to red upon maturity (85 days). Rare variety.


Species: Annuum | Origin: New Mexico | Heat: Medium

A rare variety from Abeytas, New Mexico, USA (hence the name). This 3ft plant can produce as produce up to thirty 4in pods which look very similar to the more common Hungarian hot wax. Pods mature from green to yellow and then to red upon maturity after approximately 90 days.

AC 635 (PI 185474)

Species: Annuum | Origin: USA | Heat: Unknown

An attractive new variety from Reimer seeds which is registered by the United States Department of Agriculture as PI 185474. This Plant produce good yields of 2" long by ½" wide hot peppers which grow upright on a sturdy plant. Peppers have good heat and mature from yellow to red in approximately 85 days.


Species: Annuum | Origin: Unknown | Heat: Sweet

A F1 hybridised Bell pepper variety siad to be tolerant to TMV, PVY and TEV viruses.

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Species: Annuum | Origin: USA | Heat: Sweet

A hybridised F1 bell pepper variety. These plants are high yielding and have good tolerance to cold weather and blossom drop with nearly every flower producing a pepper. The blocky 3 or 4 lobed medium sized bell peppers mature from green to red in only 50 days. An excellent choice for gardeners who want a heavy crop and have not previously had success growing bell peppers.

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ACHAR (GRIF 15776)

Species: Annuum | Origin: India | Heat: Mild

A Cayenne type pepper from India. Plants produce a multitude of 3 to 4in long by 0.75in wide pods which taper to a point. Pods mature from green to deep red and are mildly pungent. Used in Indian Cuisine.

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ACI (PI 172765)

Species: Annuum | Origin: Turkey | Heat: Unknown

Description currently unavailable.

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Species: Annuum | Origin: Turkey | Heat: Medium

A Turkish heirloom Cayenne type. Each plant can produce upto fifty 5 to 9 in long shiny crimson pods which are often curled and twisted. The pungency is notoriously inconsistent as pods can range from ildly pungent to burning hot. The pods start pale green before maturing to crimson in 90 days. One for Indian cooking connoisers.

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Species: Annuum | Origin: Turkey | Heat: Hot

Popular F1 Turkish annuum variety with a decent level of heat.


Species: Annuum | Origin: USA | Heat: Mild

A large green medium to mild chile pepper. A more deetailed description is currently unavailable.


Species: Annuum | Origin: Argentina | Heat: sweet

A Cubanelle type named after Mt.Aconcagua in Argentina. These very large fruit can grow upto 12in long and mature from yellow/green to red in approx 75 days. The flesh is medium thick, very sweet to taste and are fantastic for roasting..

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Species: Annuum | Origin: Unknown | Heat: Unknown

Description currently unavailable.

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Species: Annuum | Origin: USA | Heat: Mild

A green to yellow blocky bell pepper type from Enza Zaden B.V. Said to be high yielding and resistant to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)