Chilli Pepper Discussion Forums

Chile forums on the internet are attracting more and more members each year as the popularity of chile growing increases. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned expert, we strongly recommend the forums below. They provide a friendly atmosphere and a wealth of knowledge.


Chillis Galore Forum English language
Wilf and Kathy run Chillis Galore, a chile business in Norfolk in the south east of England. They specialise in Chilli Jelly, Relishes, Sauces & Pickles and can often be found at farmers markets selling their delicious wares. They also run the Chillis Galore forum.

The Hot Pepper Forum English language
Fabulous American forum covering hot discussions surrounding peppers, hot foods, cooking, recipes, hot sauces and virtually anything hot.

foro guindillas Spanish language
If you are a Spanish speaker, take a look at this great new Spainsh language forum which is run by some knowledgeable pepper experts. foro sobre el cultivo de guindillas y pimientos de chile foro guindillas.

PepperFriends Forum Italian language
A new Italian/English language forum has been set up by Claudio and friends. It is already attracting some knowledgeable people and looks set to be a popular place to dicuss all things pepperoncini. This forum is also closely associated with AISPES - Associazione Internazionale Studio Peproncino e Solanacee. A research body established to promote and research pepper development.

ChilliPeper Forum Dutch language
A new Dutch chilli forum.

Inferno Forum Finnish language

Pimentas Forum Portuguese language

Capsamania Forum German language

Chili Balkon Forum German language

Hot-Pain German language

Peperonciniamoci Forum Italian language

Habanero Forum Polish language

Miljokemi Forum Danish language

Chilifan Forum Danish language