AISPES - Associazione Internazionale Studio Peperoncino E Solanacee

What is AISPES

The International Association for the Study of Chilli and Solanaceae was established at the beginning of 2010 as a non-profit organization promoting and researching the chilli pepper (and other Solanaceae). The organisation was formed by members of the Italian Pepperfriends forum. The purpose of the Association is to deepen and spread the knowledge of the chili pepper and other solanaceous plants, including through contacts between people, organizations and associations and collaborations with other organizations in any form similar Italian and international.

aispes logo Part of the Association's work includes a "campo catalogo", a field catalogue, in conjunction with the Viterbo University and an organization in Lazio. During 2011 almost 300 varieties of pepper were cultivated, and this increased to a thousand varieties in 2012. The purpose is to study several properties of Capsicum species and varieties and even to reproduce seeds by flower isolation. All the varieties grown will be photographed and documented in their impressive AISPES database. Moving forward, the most interesting varieties will be selected for a deeper study. On the database page, make sure you take a look at the PDF documents which describe and illustrate their Brazil jungle trip. An absolute must read for anyone with an interest in wild peppers!

What do AISPES grow

pimenta tiger aispes004 Among the thousand varieties they currently have under cultivation, the Association have some very unique and interesting new varieties, many of which will become "hot property" once released to the general public. Where a lot of people or businesses are driven by profit, and will rush seeds of unstable hybrids on to the market, AISPES and its members have a more scientific approach, carefully breeding out new varieties until stable, and not releasing seeds. While there may or may not be some top secret varieties we are yet to hear about, the main varieties that will catch attention have already made their way to the various forums. This is a photograph of the Pimenta Tiger AISPES004.