Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties


Species: Annuum | Origin: Unknown | Heat: Medium
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The Ristra Chile, well adapted for the UK short-season growing, this medium-hot, thin-walled fruit matures to a bright, true, fire-engine red. Air-dried Espanolas also make an excellent, deep-flavoured chile powder. Their medium pungency is just right to add a little zing to any dish and makes delicious red chile sauce, my favourite cooking chile. Colourful 150 - 200mm long Espanolas mature extra early.

The Chile Seed Company


Species: Annuum | Origin: New Mexico | Heat: Mild
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Developed by Dr Matta and Dr Nakayama in 1984, this cultivar resulted from a hybridization between 'Sandia' and a northern New Mexico strain of chile. It is an early maturing red chile cultivar (55 days) and is grown for its earliness. The 5-7in fruits have a mild pungency (1500 to 2000 Scoville units)

The Chile Pepper Institute
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