Custom Chilli Growing Lists

By Julian Livsey
sample growing list page Many people would agree that thechileman database is a valuable chilli pepper information resource. But whether you are growing five different peppers or fifty five, it is time consuming to have to search the database each time you want to view your varieties. With thechileman custom growing lists you can very easily create a mini database showing just your own varieties. Add or remove varieties whenever you like to keep your list up to date. And when it comes to a new growing year, bookmark your current year so that you can look back at what you grew the previous year. You can also share your lists with friends and family.

When creating your custom growing list you also have the option to add yourself to our world pepper growers map, which you can see below. The people who have so far created a custom growing list are growing 37904 peppers between them. A fantastic 1911 of these are unique varieties! And the top fifteen varieties you are growing are: 927 Bhut Jolokia (bih Jolokia), 800 Jalapeno, 683 Naga Morich (dorset Naga), 620 Habanero Orange, 591 Chocolate Habanero, 537 Fatalii, 497 7 Pod (7 Pot), 492 Cayenne, 491 Trinidad Scorpion, 488 Aji Lemon Drop (pi 315024), 369 Habanero White, 356 Habanero Caribbean Red, 356 Hungarian Hot Wax, 352 Tabasco (pi 586675), 351 Serrano,
(All of the numbers above are updating in real time).

Why not create your own custom growing list, or update your existing list.


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