About thechileman.org

In 1996 Dave DeWitt wrote the Inspirational Peppers of the World: An Identification Guide in which he described 315 popular Chile pepper varieties.

With the valuable assistance from several of the world leading research institutions, commercial seed company's and respected growers, the chileman site raises the bar even further - with detailed information and illustrations on 3812 Chile Pepper varieties.

We introduce a sense of order to the chaotic world of classifying the many varieties, allowing users to search our database by chile name, heat level, species and even country of origin (Country of association). 'Hot searches' are also supplied to help you match the best varieties to your growing requirements. We also enable you to create custom growing lists and to swap seeds with other chilliheads around the world.

If that's not enough, the chileman provides you with a wide selection of detailed guides on everything you need to know on Chile peppers; from transplanting seeds, through to nurturing these fantastic plants and preparing mouth watering recipes.

The site is under constant development and content is being added on a weekly basis. Look out for more guides giving growing advice as well as' hot product reviews' as we take a look at and taste some of the more interesting chile products which are on the market. If you have come across any sensational products worthy of review or have any other feedback or questions why not contact us.

We hope you enjoy the site and would welcome your feedback on both the sites current content and your wishes for future development.

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